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About This Blog

It simply begins and ends with a love a books and my want to spread that love to as many people as I possibly can. Well, I'm sort of lying here, it initially started off with my one man battle of reading every book that I've bought and ever wanted to read over the passed ten years. And so The Big Bad Booklist was born. At it's heart though, it begins and ends with a love of books.
So this, above all, is a review blog. Although, I will include literature adjacent things here from time to time.

This is a place where I can document everything I've read, I do try and review them all but on occasion a few have been known to fall through the cracks. There isn't a reason why, they just do.
I don't really review books I've already read, it's a bit of an unwritten rule of mine- rereads are a pleasure and not much else.

A lot of the books I review are through my own choosing but mainly I go through recommendations and I'm always happy to receive them. It might not be straight away but I'll get to them eventually.

I don't really have a review policy as such, but I'm always honest- so please don't be upset with me if I hate a book you're particularly fond of or love a character you hate. It's not personal but I'm not in the business of lying to anyone who may pick up a book after me.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the reviews and if you happen to read some of the books as a result, happy reading!

- Kaveeta

A Note on the Severus Snape Award:
I mention this quite a lot across the blog, and I guess not everyone will know my love for the Potions Master. The award usually goes to characters that remind me of the Half-Blood Prince, be it through description or characterisation. It holds very little merit, it just usually means I'll end up liking said character a little bit more and doesn't effect my overall review.

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