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Monday, 15 July 2013

Review: Revenge (Jimmy Coates, #3)

Jimmy seems to be finding it increasingly difficult to evade the clutches of NJ-7. However, the recent escape wasn't one without injury. When we last left them, a life was hanging in the balance, and once more Jimmy and his family are forced into a life on the run.

In the third instalment of the series, Christopher Viggo has found himself unnamed powerful new friends who have agreed to smuggle them all into the United States and out of harms way. With this new alliance, plans to take down NJ-7 once and for all are being put into motion.
All hopes of a normal life away from their enemies are dashed when Jimmy starts experience recurring images flashing inside his head, accompanied by mind boggling headaches. What do they mean? And can Jimmy even trust what's going on inside his own body?

This felt different than the others, although still packed with enormous amounts of action, it almost seemed muted under the weight of the emotions rolling throughout this book. A lot of the main characters are experiencing some form of inner turmoil at this point, constant fear and moving from one place to the next seems to be heightening tensions all around. (Thank goodness for Felix who seems to act once again, as light relief and gave me frequent moments of giggles.)
Unlike the previous two books, I wasn't tearing out my hair at the injustice of it all, instead it was replaced by a deep rooted sadness. Jimmy feels older. Emotionally, he's matured into someone who is riddled with confusion, and obsession. He's all too aware of how far people are willing to go to manipulate him to serve their own purpose, and although frequently broken he seems to find himself putting trust at the feet of people he barely even knows. It's awful to experience as a reader. It really, really is.

I read this in pretty much one sitting, and was itching to buy the next book when I'd got to a revelation that forced me stop at one point and say, "I'm sorry, what?" Hats off to Joe Craig though, for managing to change the overall tone of this book without changing pace.
I've really come to the love this series, and the wonderful writing style of the author. I know I've said this before but it really is underrated, falling under the shadow of Alex Rider and similar boy hero series. I really think it's something that should and could have the potential to stand up on its own, if only people would take it as something that is entirely independent. (Because it is, you know.)

I have an unwritten rule when it comes to my reading dates: I usually wait three books before I call myself a fan of something. I'm flying the Jimmy Coates flag, you guys. I think you should be doing the same.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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